Deep Blue Coding. You have the idea, we build your MVP in ~2 months.

Deep Blue Coding.

No magic formula. We have more than 15 years of experience building Web and Mobile Apps. Simple.

Deep Blue Coding. Image by Freepik

Why us

Why you should work with us

Deep Blue Coding. Image by Freepik

You have an idea, you need someone to help you make it real. You are worried about the cost, the time, and the quality of the final product, even more if we talk about outsourcing to another country. That is why we are here, European mindset building software in Vietnam. We will help you to define the scope of your project, the features, and the technology stack. We build it. And then we help you grow your business. Easy.

How we make it real

Simple and Transparent Process


Interview with our UX/Ui Specialist to define the scope of your project, the features, and the technology stack. We will provide you with a detailed proposal with a fixed price and a timeline.


In this phase, the team will focus on building the core features your MVP needs to function. We will implement it following the design but not focusing on the details but the overall style.

Test and Polishing

In this phase, we involve the Client. Once the features are implemented, we will start bug fixing and polishing the UI to make sure it follows the agreed design. We will invite the Client to test the MVP and provide feedback before delivering the final version.

Want happens after the MVP?

What Next?

Deep Blue Coding. Image by Freepik

Your MVP is done, you are live but your software journey doesn't end there. You want to collect feedback from your clients and improve your app. You have more ideas you want to implement. You want to grow your business. We are here to help you. We can provide you the workforce you need to keep improving your app, frontend, backend, design, product owners, we can help you to define the next steps, we can help you to grow your business. And even more, we offer Fractional CTO services, we will help you also define and lead the strategy of the technology department and make sure it is always aligned with your needs.

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