EUDR data collection and traceability solution.


CoffeeTrace puts hundreds of thousands of coffee farmers at the center of our EUDR data collection and traceability solution. Most farmers only need 5 minutes to complete registration and is entirely free for them. Our data output is compatible with all popular EU buyer-side auditing tools.!


Project Goals

The goal is to help farmers to be compliant with the new EUDR regulation about preventing deforestation by geolocating their farms and allow traceability from external auditors to monitor deforestation.


A mobile application with the ability to record geolocation of farms and generating a QR code which will be used later by traders to track the source of their coffee blends and allow full traceability.


Register your farm as a farmer

Register your farm plots as a farmer

Use your camera to send a picture of a video of your plot farm and we will geolocate it for you. No complex onboarding process, just take a picture of your plot and keep doing your business as usual.

Show your QR Code

Use a QR Code for everything

Show your QR code with your local trader and that is all. We keep track.

Track your blends

As a trader, easily scan and track your blends.

Scan QR Codes with 1 click, and see all that is going on in your business.


Trace the supply chain by just downloading a GEOJSON file. Import in your system. Done.